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The Monument

At 202 feet tall, The Monument to the great fire of London is the world’s tallest freestanding stone column.  It was completed in 1677 as a monument to the great fire of London, which destroyed the city in 1666.  It is the work of Sir Christopher Wren who despite not being an architect by trade, is responsible for much of the rebuilding of London after the fire.  It stands next to Pudding lane, on which stood the bakery responsible for causing the great fire of london. On the Second of September, 1666, Thomas Farrer was baking, when fire engulfed his bakery and the surrounding buildings.  London at the time was made almost entirely of wood, with thatched roofing, dry from a long hot summer, so the fire took hold quickly. A fumbled effort to control it led to the fire burning for nearly four days, before the Navy blew up a row of homes on Fetter Lane.  It had destroyed 87 churches, left 70 000 homeless, but only 6 were reported to have died in the fire. There are 311 steps to the top of the Monument, so if you’re up for the climb, you can see how far London has come since being nearly completely destroyed by the fire.  

Other Landmarks visited

Big Ben

As ambassadors of London, it is our duty to inform you that ‘Big Ben’ is actually the name of the bell inside this mighty, impressive tower.



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