Free bike tour London

A bike tour in London usually costs over a whopping £30, with us it’s free, you only pay for the bike rental (£4 per hour)


It is easy to join Free Bike Tour London!

1. Rent one of our bikes online to book your spot on the tour
2. Join the only free bike tour in London
3. If you enjoyed Free Bike Tour London tip your guide


Free Bike Tour London

Free bike tour London has proven to  be a massive hit and is climbing the ranks as one of the best rated day time tours that the city of London has  to offer. Our bike tour of London takes you on a epic journey through the colourful history of the city, covering all the major landmarks along the way Free Bike Tour London lasts for approximately 3 hours.

We cycle almost entirely on cycle lanes and park paths, avoiding the fury of London traffic.  Free Bike Tour London is safe all you have to do is relax, enjoy the ride and follow your Free Bike Tour London.

We are currently running two tours a day our morning tour starts at 10:00 AM and our after noon tour starts at 2:00 PM if your are interested in booking on Free Bike Tour London then please click here!

To book your spots on the tour you simply need to use our website to reserve your bike and then the tour is free, if you enjoy it our guides do accept tips.

Landmarks Visited

Buckingham Palace

How could we run a bike tour of London and not include Buckingham Palace, the residence of the one and only her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. On our tour, you will hear loads of interesting facts about both the woman and the dwelling we try to keep all the...

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Big Ben

Big Ben has got to be Londons most iconic landmark and a must-see attraction on any visit to London. The clock tower is especially impressive at night when all four sides are illuminated. When The Palace of Westminster was destroyed by fire in 1834. In 1844, it was...

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The Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament, also known as the Palace of Westminster, is the home of the two parliamentary houses of the United Kingdom, the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The oldest hall of the Houses of Parliament is Westminster Hall it dates back to 1097....

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Kensington Palace

The home of yes the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William, and Kate! In 1689 William III bought Kensington Palace, then know as Nottingham House from the Earl of Nottingham, he commissioned Christopher Wren to extend and improve the house. Until the death of George...

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Trafalgar Square

One of the busiest squares in central London, located in the heart of the city of Westminster and formerly known as Charing Cross. Its name commemorates the battle of Trafalgar. At the heart of Trafalgar Square lies Nelson's column a landmark recognised all over the...

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Westminster Abbey

Located next to The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey is a Gothic church steeped in over a thousand years of history. This architectural masterpiece has hosted the most prestigious Royal weddings and is the resting place for some of Britain's most historic...

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The Royal Parks

Millions of Londoners and tourists visit the Royal Parks each year. The 5,000 acres of historic parkland provide city opportunities for enjoyment, exploration and healthy living in the heart of the capital. A simple walk feels like you have left the city behind you....

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Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is the tour free?
A: Yes, the tour is free, you only pay for bike rental and if you enjoyed the tour you can tip the guide at the end.

Q: How much should I tip my free bike tour London guide?
A: The tip amount is entirely up to you, the average tip is around €10.

Q: What time does the tour start?
A: We currently run one tour daily, that starts at 12:00 pm Midday.

Q: How long is Free bike tour London
A: Free bike tour London lasts approximately 3 hours 

Q: What language is the tour in?
A: Free Bike Tour London runs in English

Q: Can I bring my own bike?
A: No, unfortunately we cannot permit outside bikes on our tour as we only have space for 15 people.

Q: Are children permitted on the tour?
A: Yes, we can accommodate children as long as they are with an adult and can ride a bike.

About us

We are the originator of the free bike tour concept, we started our first free bike tour in the city of Barcelona in 2015 because the idea of a 30€ bike tour sounds outrageous. People deserved a better, more affordable option. The idea of renting one of our bikes then tipping the guide what they felt appropriate was born. Now we are in 5 major cities across Europe and always looking for new opportunities to spread the concept to further locations.

 If you are interested in working with Free Bike Tour London get in touch now.

Private Tours

As well as our free bike tour we also can arrange private bespoke tours of London, these are ideal for that special weekend, large groups or even corporate events.

We handle thousands of Private groups each year and there is nothing we cant organize if you have any questions get in touch.  

Contact us

If you have any questions about Free Bike Tour London or anything on our website, please head over to our contact us page.

We try to respond as fast as we can to all the messages that we get. 



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Free Bike Tour London

Free bike tour London: Insiders guide to London

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Natural History Museum

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London eye

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Madame Tussaud’s

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