Free bike tour London

London’s only free bike tour! Bicycles are the best way to see London. With Free Bike Tour London, you only pay to rent a bike, at the cheapest rate in London (£4 an hour)

Our informative, entertaining guides work only for tips, so you decide how much the tour is worth!


It is easy to join Free Bike Tour London!

1. Rent one of our bikes online to book your spot on the bike tour
2. Join the only Free Bike Tour in London
3. If you enjoyed Free Bike Tour London tip your guide

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Free Bike Tour London

Welcome to London! It’s big isn’t it?  You want to see it all, but still want to have enough pounds left over for souvenirs at the end?  Come with us on the free bike tour!

At Free bike tours London, we think we’ve found the best way to bring the free tour concept long employed by walking tours to the more efficient and exciting mode of transportation, the bicycle.

With us, you just pay to rent a bike when you book, at the cheapest possible rate, £4 an hour.  That’s the same as any of London’s bike sharing systems, but our groovy vintage bikes are a more stylish, comfortable ride and we’re not an app set up to steal your data to feed the robots!

Simply book now with Free bike tour London, show up at your allocated time, and away we go!


Free Bike Tour London

You only pay £4/hr for the bike rental, If you enjoyed the tour the guides do accept tips.


Expert Guides

All of our guides are students of the history of London.


Fun & Informative

We tell the history of London in easy to digest fun, informative facts and stories.


3 Hour Tour

Our tours last around 3 hours.


Other Tours

Bike tours in London charge over £35 per person!

Landmarks Visited

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the London residence of Her Majesty the Queen. Despite the fact it is not her ‘home’,

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Big Ben

As ambassadors of London, it is our duty to inform you that ‘Big Ben’ is actually the name of the bell inside this mighty, impressive tower.

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The Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament, also known as the Palace of Westminster, is the home of the two parliamentary houses of the United Kingdom.

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Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is the official centre of London.  It is the modern day square that was built around Charing Cross.

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Westminster Abbey

Located next to The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey is a Gothic church steeped in over a thousand years of history

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London Bridge

While not as impressive as its counterpart, the Tower Bridge, the London bridge offers one of the best views of the Thames in London.

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The Monument

At 202 feet tall, The Monument to the great fire of London is the world’s tallest freestanding stone column.

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The London Eye

Impress or irritate your friends by correcting them if they dare call this a ‘ferris wheel’, this is a cantilevered observation wheel

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Our Bike Tour in London runs tours every day, rain, hail or shine.

You will follow one of our entertaining expert guides for approximately three hours, cruising around central London, seeing all of the top attractions, taking mad snaps for the ‘gram, learning all about the fascinating history of London, grinning from ear to ear.  After the tour, you get to decide how much the experience was worth to you. Did you learn? Did you laugh? Were you entertained? If the answer to any of these question was no, then you are in no way obliged to pay your guide at all. But we think you’ll have such a good time, you’ll want to tip them!  At Free Bike Tours London, we’ve hand picked our professional guides from the cream of London’s guiding crop, because to make it as free tour guide, you have to be at your best. We have passionate historians and razor sharp comedians on the team, so whoever you get is going to have a unique spin and personal flair, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Do not be afraid, you’re in safe hands

London’s roads look a bit scary don’t they?  Don’t worry! At Free bike tour London, we make use of London’s cycle specific lanes or back streets.  London is beautifully connected, so we get to all the good stuff safely, avoiding the fury of London traffic and heaving mobs of pedestrians.

And that’s it!  Free bike tours London truly believe that this is the best way to see the best that London has to offer.  We make it as affordable as we can so everybody can get on board, but even if you’re fabulously wealthy looking for a premium tour experience, our guides are the top level in their field and will live up to or exceed your expectations!

Come join The best Bike Tour in London!

Come with us on a thrilling three hour ride around the heart of the world’s most amazing cities.   Our guides will dazzle you with the tales of what makes London so great as we take in all of its most spectacular attractions, from The Tower of London to Buckingham palace.  

A Bike Tour of London that is free!

The free tour model has been used for centuries by walking tours, but the best way to see London is by bike, and we’ve made it possible.  Cycling is the most efficient way to go point to point over this vast city, a lot more fun than being stuck in London’s crawling traffic on a bus or traipsing around for hours on foot.  We provide you the cheapest bike rental in London. At four pounds an hour, our groovy hipster bicycles are as cheap to rent as any of London’s bike sharing programmes, but offer a far more comfortable, stylish ride.  We stick to London’s safe and well connected and bicycle specific paths, avoiding both traffic and pedestrians. They offer the best views of the Thames and the parks, and are super safe, so you can just enjoy the views, and get the best shots from stunningly instagrammable locations.

Tip what you think a Bike Tour of London is worth!

At the end of the tour, it is entirely up to you to decide how much you feel your experience was worth.  If you aren’t satisfied with the tour, you aren’t obliged to tip your guide. But we definitely think you’ll want to tip them!  You’ll love our thrilling, highly entertaining guides. They are history fiends and passionate London lovers, full of tales that will make you laugh, make you cry and have you on the edge of your saddle.  They bring the amazing story of London to life.

A brief overview of Free Bike Tour London

Our tour begins at the London Bridge Spike, right beside the London Bridge Train Station.  We cross the Tower bridge and marvel at the incredible juxtaposition of the Tower of London’s nearly 2000 years of visible history against the city’s almost futuristic skyline.  From there, we cycle to the mighty St Paul’s Cathedral, the Monument . Along the Thames, we marvel at the London eye, before heading through St James’s palace to Westminster houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.  We take a leisurely amble through the Royal Parks towards Buckingham palace. We head across the River to the Tate Modern Gallery, Shakespeare’s Globe theatre and the Borough Market. By now, you’ll definitely have earned yourself a pint or a cuppa, we finish in an area teeming with charming hidden pubs cafes, and the best fish and chips in town.

We delve into London’s history, way back to its Roman beginnings and even earlier.  Working our way through the Anglo Saxons, to the Vikings and the Normans. We follow centuries of the history of the Royals, from William the Conqueror, through the Tudors and the infamous Henry the 8th, to Her Majesty Elizabeth the 1st.  The Tudors. We explore life under these monarchs, such as the Elizabethan era, a time of brutal, bloody spectacle out of which Shakespeare was born, or the Victorian era, a time of incredible development and the expansion of British power.  Despite all of the parks to walk through, life in London wasn’t always a walk in the park. We get into the nitty gritty corners of London’s story, from cholera to the black plague and public hangings to the great fire of London. We look at life here through the World Wars and the devastation of the Blitz.  

Bike Tour London hall of fame

London has always inspired creators in every imaginable field.  The great literary works of Charles Dickens and Samuel Johnson were all born out of the diversity of life in London’s streets.  Many of the greatest musicians of all time have called London home, including David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, George Michael and the Spice Girls.  We uncover some of their stories, and look into London as the centre for the revolutionary liberation of culture that was the sixties. We observe the architecture of Norman Foster towering above us, and discuss the incredible impact of the tunnels of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, hidden beneath the ground.  Our guides take you all the way through London’s history to now. London is an incredibly vibrant, happening place today, and if it happens in a city, it happens here in loads. Aswell as revealing their own personal secret spots on the tour, our guides are always happy to share their own tips on how to get the best out of this behemoth during your stay.

Joining Free Bike Tour London is easy

Simply book your spot online, and rent one of our bikes.  Places are limited, but we will do what we can to accomodate you.

Once you’ve booked, meet us at the London Bridge Spike, which is located on the south corner of London Bridge.  It’s right outside the London Bridge Station, which is easily accessible on the Jubilee and Northern lines on the tube, as well as Network Rail lines.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Is the tour free?
A: Yes, the tour is free, you only pay for bike rental and if you enjoyed the tour you can tip the guide at the end.

Q: How much should I tip my free bike tour London guide?
A: The tip amount is entirely up to you, the average tip is around £10.

Q: What time does the tour start?
A: That depends on the day check the book now page for more info

Q: How long is Free bike tour London
A: Free bike tour London lasts approximately 3 hours

Q: What language is the tour in?
A: Free Bike Tour London runs in English

Q: Can I bring my own bike?
A: No, unfortunately we cannot permit outside bikes on our tour as we only have space for 15 people.

Q: Are children permitted on the tour?
A: Yes, we can accommodate children as long as they are with an adult and can ride a bike.

About us

We are the originator of the free bike tour concept, we started our first free bike tour in the city of Barcelona in 2015 because the idea of a £30 bike tour sounds outrageous. People deserved a better, more affordable option. The idea of renting one of our bikes then tipping the guide what they felt appropriate was born. Now we are in 5 major cities across Europe and always looking for new opportunities to spread the concept to further locations.

 If you are interested in working with Free Bike Tour London get in touch now.

Private Tours

As well as our free bike tour we also can arrange private bespoke tours of London, these are ideal for that special weekend, large groups or even corporate events.

We handle thousands of Private groups each year and there is nothing we cant organize if you have any questions get in touch.  

Contact us

If you have any questions about Free Bike Tour London or anything on our website, please head over to our contact us page.

We try to respond as fast as we can to all the messages that we get. 



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Free Bike Tour London

Free bike tour London: Insiders guide to London

Our insiders guide to London is being worked on and should be live on the site shortly


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